19 April 2021
New Drone rules in the USA on April 21 ...

New Drone rules in the USA on April 21 …

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set dates for when the narrowed drone rules will come into effect. In this context, some measures will take effect earlier than others.

Regulator, Remote ID and Operations Over People of the rules 21 April 2021 announced that it will come into force as of the date. From then on, any Remote ID drone or add-on module The serial number will need to be listed in the records. Under the rules, drones with protected wings will be able to fly small over people. However, long-term flight will not be possible over open air devices unless the Remote ID is followed.

FAA will be flexible in rules

Heavier drones have stringent operational and performance requirements, such as the limits on the amount of force they can provide in a collision. for example category 3 drones They cannot fly independently of remote ID and cannot fly over people unless they are in a restricted area or know about possible flights. Over this limit category 4 drones, on the other hand, need airworthiness certificates, maintenance and inspections..

However, there is still time for these rules to be implemented. According to the new rule, drone manufacturers September 16, 2022While all pilots must comply with Remote ID requirements after one year September 16, 2023It will need to meet the Remote ID requirements in.

Drone ile video

It is thought that the latest rules set by the FAA will not please everyone. So much so that Alphabet’s drone delivery company Wingwas concerned about privacy and Remote IDHe pointed out that publishing of s could allow people to extract sensitive data such as home addresses.

Wing was also concerned that broadcasts could make it difficult to set up drone traffic control systems. However, changes are still coming. Fortunately, the FAA will at least be flexible about everyone planning their next steps.

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