30 July 2021
New feature coming to WhatsApp voice messages

New feature coming to WhatsApp voice messages

World’s most used messaging app WhatsApp’a, new feature for voice messages is coming. Voice messages, which are very useful for those who do not want to deal with writing messages, are widely used.

Whatsapp voice messages speed can be adjusted

WhatsAppThe new data policy announced earlier this year made many users nervous, and users flocked to other messaging apps. However, some WhatsApp users switched to voice messaging instead of texting. Realizing this company, your voice messaging It may offer its new feature to its users soon.

WABetaInfoAccording to the information provided by WhatsApp, Android beta allows users to listen to voicemails at various repeat levels. It is said that this way, longer voice memos can be listened to in a short time and will be able to respond without wasting time. Looking at the shared images 1.0x β€” 1.5x β€” 2.0x It seems that there are playback options.

Your voice messages to change the playback speed blue button needs to be printed. This upgrade is important only in cases where users need a quick summary to review and understand the voice memo or because of group members’ messages. Your voice messages It can be useful in a group chat where he was abducted. But these buttons are quite to be small and its recovery when pressed 3 times instead of decreasing and increasing raises questions in mind.


1.5x playback speed in voice messaging

More of your feature beta Although the version is used by certain groups, users want the playback speed to be released as soon as possible. But in this case the last word to the company belonging. There is no clear information about when the feature will be available yet.

You WhatsApp voice messagesWhat do you think about the feature of changing n playback speed? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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