6 August 2021
New feature for Chrome from Google: Live captions

New feature for Chrome from Google: Live captions

Continuing to work for Chrome, Google has recently Version 89 published. Chrome, which has greatly accelerated with this update, Freeze-Dried Tabs offered the feature to users. Now for Google, Chrome Live Captions feature connecting with users. This feature is available for videos in supported languages. automatic subtitle adds.

This feature, which has been on Android so far, supported languages It also comes with the desktop version.

Live captions feature coming for Google Chrome

Live Captions feature for every audio on the browser able to create subtitles. Subtitles can be added with this feature for podcasts, social media videos, TV series, movies and even radio content. Live Captions feature, available content a built-in subtitle support allows use even though.

Although the feature is not working perfectly yet for people with hearing difficulties It will be very useful. Detecting a sound from supported sources, Chrome in the current window subtitle automatically is showing. When users want the caption size possibility of changing or closing also have.

Google Chrome Live Captions feature, From the accessibility menu can be opened. New feature, for now English supports. Chrome in the coming months other languages It is likely to provide support for.

Increased performance with update 89

Chrome team, the browser in Windows 22 percenton other apps 8 percent and on GPU Up to 3 percent memory savings stated that he created. Of the browser responsiveness increased by 9 percent. All of these developments, Google’s advanced memory allocation PartitionAlloc occurred thanks to.

Not only did Chrome experience increase in speed on the Windows side, it also accelerated 5 percent on Android. In addition, unused tabs will be optimized with the new version. This will reduce the browser’s memory usage.

Another feature that comes with the Google Chrome 89 update is Freeze-Dried Tabs. With this feature brought for the Android version, the application first opening accelerating. Tab you use doesn’t want much processing poweruntil the original tab is loaded. the demo will be shown. Thus, pages will appear to load faster.

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