19 April 2021
New generation Nintendo Switch features revealed

New generation Nintendo Switch features revealed

There are new claims for the new version of the Nintendo Switch game console, which broke sales records in 2020. In the published report for the company’s 4K OLED display Samsung and the expected features.

Gamers excited for 4K OLED Nintendo Switch

According to the report in Bloomberg Nintendo, agreed with Samsung for the new Switch model. Samsung, 7 inch, 720p OLED display It will start production in June for the new model, which is expected to arrive with.

Nintendo Switch may come with a 4K OLED display

Nintendo Switch

In the new model NVIDIA Tegra the device to be used 4K resolution It is stated that it can provide. It is not yet known which Tegra model will be used on the device. However, due to the 4K resolution claim, the Tegra X1 Plus is thought to take place.

The original Nintendo Switch was criticized by some users for its 6.2-inch LCD screen. The new model, which is claimed to be sold with an OLED screen, battery saver and it will meet the expectations of users in terms of screen ratio.

After the Switch model with extra battery life was launched in 2019, Nintendo came up with a new claim in 2020. Put forward in 2020 Nintendo Switch Pro No official statement has yet been made regarding the allegation.

Some analysts state that sales will decrease due to claims about the new model.

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