19 April 2021
New images leaked for Xiaomi Mi Mix

New images leaked for Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi Images of the foldable phone with a user interface were leaked earlier this year. Now, new images of the back of the device have been leaked. Mi Mix expected to be part of the series Xiaomi phones, like Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X2 It will adopt the inner folding technology like.

Xiaomi Mi Mix leaked features

Leaked images reveal the mold of the phone. While there are no images of the screen due to the focus on the back, it is striking that there is a triple camera setup mounted directly on the outer cover. on the other hand of the lens module even if it’s done your flash does not seem to exist. However, considering that the design may change, the idea that the positioning is made to create visuality for now comes to mind. What will not change is seen as horizontal alignment.


In the phone where general and fixed folding schemes are used, Mix The appearance of the logo stands out as a very surprising detail. Because the last phone from this series to reach the store shelves, it was introduced more than two years ago. Mi Mix 3‘was. The series is generally reserved for phones that are one step ahead of their natural design. These images Xiaomi’nin Although it has proven to work on a foldable smartphone, it is likely that not many things will be changed as a feature.

Looking at the technical features 90 Hz with 120 Hz Refresh rate submission is expected. Your strength Snapdragon 888 phone to take from the processor, 12 GB RAM will keep. If the price band of the foldable phone is 1000 with 1200 It is expected to be around the dollar.

Source: GSMArena

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