30 July 2021
New iPad Pro with Apple M1 processor introduced

New iPad Pro with Apple M1 processor introduced

Apple today, on April 20, Spring Loaded Within the scope of the event, we came up with many new products. In addition to products such as iMac Mini and AirPods 3, which are powered by the Apple M1 processor and whose design has been completely renewed, new iPad Pro‘came out with a big surprise.

The first thing that comes to mind for those who hear the word big surprise is likely to be the mini-LED display. Yes, there are big improvements in the screen with the Liquid Retina XDR, but Apple’s surprise was the M1 processor.

IPad Pro with M1 processor is 50 percent faster

In addition to the mini-LED display, another development that brought the iPad Pro an era was the Apple M1 processor. IPads, which have always been equipped with mobile processors until today, have had a processor that Apple uses in its computers for the first time. In this way, the iPad Pro, which is already quite strong, has carried its performance to the extreme.

Thanks to the 8-core M1 processor, a 50 percent performance increase was achieved compared to the previous iPad Pro. Delaying the transition to mini-LED technology, Apple has come up with a new screen called Liquid Retina XDR.

Located on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, this screen offers 1000 nits of brightness and 1000000: 1 contrast. When HDR content is desired to be displayed, the brightness can reach 1600 nits.

Stating that all professionals from video editors to photographers will have high-level image quality and realistic colors thanks to this new screen, Apple compares this screen with the Pro Display XDR monitor.

The Thunderbolt port based on USB 4 technology also appeared with the iPad Pro 2021. In this way, the bandwidth was increased by 4 times and it became possible to reach 6K resolution by connecting the tablet to an external monitor such as Pro Display XDR.

Increasing the maximum storage option to 2 TB, Apple enables 60 thousand photos taken in ProRAW format to be stored on the device.

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