18 April 2021
New Marvel character arrives in Fortnite

New Marvel character arrives in Fortnite

Fortnite, Marvel cinematic has included many characters from the universe into the game. Judging by the feedback they receive from the players, they will continue to do so. They offered new game modes to the players with the characters they brought. Fortnite thanks to the online events that take place within Epic Games It was a nice success.

New Marvel character coming to Fortnite: Ant-Man

Ant-Man has been added to the game as the new Marvel character. Previously, he shared the Fortnite official twitter account. 3 images He stated that Ant-Man will be added to the game. Of course, they chose the fun way while doing this. Approaching the event in a fun way Fortnite in every visual Ant-Manput ‘in certain places.

In the first visual they posted Ant-Man, Cable’s right arm was standing on it. In the second photo they published, Blade’s at the tip of your swordwas included. In the third image, Ant-Man is Captain America’s on the left shoulder stops. In the latest image they shared, they introduced Ant-Man himself and his accessories. Ant-Man a green olive with a toothpick as a pickaxe and also as a backpack Ant-Toniousing.

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