30 July 2021
New Nissan X-TRAIL unveiled

New Nissan X-TRAIL unveiled

New Nissan X-TRIAL, e-Power made its debut in the summer of 2022 with its powertrain before it went on sale in the UK. as you will remember X-TRAIL for the first time 2020 North America in summer “Rogue”Had appeared in his clothes.

But now Nissan X-TRAIL‘i Shanghai Motor ShowHe disguised himself as a European in ‘. But Englandto come down to 2022 We will have to wait a year until summer.

Nissan continues to renew its car series

Yeni X-TRAIL, North American Roguedoes not look very different from. Therefore, available X-TrailIt makes sense to expect it to be slightly shorter and slightly lower than, sitting on a modified version of the CMF.

Yeni Nissan X-TRAIL ‘s intent is that Nissan’s use a gasoline engine to charge the battery, and e-Power seen as the arrival of the system.

for example Qashqai‘from, 188 bg’lik that recharges a battery that powers an electric motor 1.5 liter consists of a gasoline engine and X-TRAILIt is predicted that will take the same thing.

However, the X-TRAIL with gasoline options and even a plug-in hibritle it is thought to come together. But even if it’s somewhere else United KingdomDiesel engine will not be offered in.

Nissan’dan Guillaume Cartier Regarding the new vehicle, he said: “The renewal of Nissan’s series continues unabated. The new X-Trail will stick to the well-established SUV formula that has been very successful for Nissan since the first model was launched in 2001. It will offer more efficiency, refinement, versatility and user-friendly technology. It will also complement its electric crossover cousins ​​in the range and give customers an outstanding SUV with an electric powertrain for their daily needs. ”

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