1 August 2021
New patents for Apple Watch 7 released

New patents for Apple Watch 7 released

Appleturns the focus on extra features and tools for every smart watch it releases. Apple is making changes that cannot be ignored in terms of hardware. Patently AppleAccording to the information revealed in the next Apple WatchThere will be big changes in. Which patent is your resulting Apple Watch It is not clear that it will be used in the series, but Apple Watch 7 is allegedly.

Apple Watch 7 series may have major changes in the crown

In the received patent, the next Apple WatchThere is a digital crown, which is planned to be used in On the digital crown There is one sensor. This sensor EKG It will have (electrocardiography) feature.

Apple Watch 7

Digital crown patent

When you push the crown with your finger, the sensor will start working and it will be able to compare the heart rhythm on your wrist with that of your finger and make a more accurate conclusion. In addition, the crown or the entire watch can have tactile feedback. All these features are not impossible for Apple. Of these features Apple WatchIt is claimed to be used in.

“Joystick” digital kurma cola

According to another patent, the digital crown is a “joystickCan be used like ”. Apple this patent Received in 2018. According to the patent, the crown is designed as a joystick to navigate the watch interface comfortably.

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