21 April 2021
New processor for new models from Samsung

New processor for new models from Samsung

Samsung, middle segment for smart phones processor continues its work. Reaching a large number of users with its mid-segment models, the company will use new Exynos processors in these models. It is stated that the processor in question will be used in 5G models, which are more affordable than the flagship models.

As is known, Samsung uses its own processors in its models. In some countries, Qualcomm-produced Snapdragon series is preferred, while in some countries the name Exynos stands out. In Turkey’s Exynos processor in Samsung models.

Samsung’s new mid-segment processor model is on the way

In a report published by GalaxyClub, the firm’s S5E5515 It was recorded that it was working on the processor with model number. It was previously reported that the S5E9820 model number was used as Exynos 9820 in the Galaxy S10 series. It is stated that the processor with model number S5E9830 is also used in the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series with the Exynos 990 designation. For the Galaxy S21 series, Exynos 2100 with model number S5E9840 was added.

Looking at the model numbers, it is seen that Samsung’s processors starting as S5E9 are used in upper segment models. Samsung, middle segment processor for models S5E8 using the tag. Thus, it is understood that the new model is a middle segment processor. Exynos came with model number 850 S5E3830 and Exynos 980 S5E9630.

samsung middle segment processor

The new processor is expected to give higher performance than Exynos 850 and Exynos 980. It is stated that Samsung is working with AMD for the graphics unit in processors and expects to increase in terms of graphics with AMD. It is not yet known whether the new model is the first Samsung processor to use an AMD graphics unit.

Samsung also works for wearable and augmented reality products. It is stated that the resulting processor model can also be used in these products. Considering the working schedule of previous processors, the new Exynos model is expected to be used in models such as the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

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