21 April 2021
New project for kids from Apple

New project for kids from Apple

Apple, announced its new program that it has created to help families find podcasts that they can enjoy along with suggestions for children. Technology company in the USA Apple Podcastto present curated, kid-friendly show collections in their Common Sense Media partnered with.

The program, consisting of four collections, has been launched from today. Recommended by children among the first groups podcast‘s, mysteries and dramas, story-driven shows and Common SenseIncludes all-time favorite picks.

Podcasts will be updated monthly

As it is known, unlike other companies such as Apple, Spotify and Amazon, it does not separate the content for children according to special applications or services19. At least for now, podcast recommendations are on the Apple Podcasts homepage Common Sense Media Picks It appears in the main carousel under the title.

According to the Verge Apple and Common Sense, Women’s History Month and Back To School It will update its collections monthly with themes related to important cultural and historical moments.

Apple Podcast

In addition PodcastThere are also age group suggestions for ‘s. Also, Common Sense offers reviews of movies, TV, books, apps, games and of course podcasts, focusing on how suitable they are for various age levels.

The nonprofit works with Apple on family-friendly movie and TV show collections in the Apple TV app. However, the podcast recommendations aim to help families and kids provide another entertainment option that doesn’t rely on watching a screen while remaining largely indoors in the midst of the pandemic.

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