18 April 2021
New security step for chat backups from WhatsApp

New security step for chat backups from WhatsApp

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp chat backups made a new security move for Google Drive and Apple iCloud A special encryption option will be introduced to chats stored on their systems.

If you want it right WhatsApp new security feature for the first time in March 2020 began work. But so far there has been no news from this function. This feature, which has been on the shelf for almost a year, has now resumed.

WhatsApp chat backups will soon be encrypted

This innovation driven secretly by the platform WABetaInfo revealed by. Owned by the Facebook company Security studies for cloud backup systems in WhatsApp was accelerated. Simply put, the new function will allow users to encrypt chats backed up to Drive or iCloud. The application is to confirm the phone number will ask. After that to choose a password that is eight characters long. will demand. In this way, you will be able to keep your personal data more protected.

However, when we look at the screenshots, an important issue draws attention. WhatsApp, created for chat backups It can’t help recover passwords by expressing warns the users. Therefore, it is useful to set a memorable password. Otherwise, you may never be able to access your backed up chats again.

WhatsApp chats are protected by end-to-end encryption. But right now Drive, iCloud or other backup services does not cover this protection. Therefore, the security of your messages is the responsibility of cloud services. However, this is expected to be prevented thanks to the feature that will be added soon. Messages that will only be opened with the password you specified will prevent people you do not authorize from accessing your data.

For now, it’s unclear when the future security feature for WhatsApp chat backups will be released. But it turns out that the platform is doing its best to renew the user trust it lost in the past months. We may see more features like this soon.

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