23 July 2021
New tip for the long-awaited Apple AirTags

New tip for the long-awaited Apple AirTags

Apple, long on the agenda AirTags It has not yet introduced its models. For companies that produce Apple accessories in the past days Find My Certification Assistant The company that started the program has released new tips on AirTags.

Apple may soon introduce AirTags accessory

Known for leaks L0vetodream Twitter user named Twitter announced that AirTags models will also be introduced at the One More Thing event in 2020. However, contrary to expectations, the company, which introduced only the Apple M1 processor Mac family, disappointed the users.

Apple, which allows the production of third party accessories with the new program it has launched, will provide users with access to a larger product range. MFi license the products of the owners Bul (Find) The company, which allows them to test with its application, also left tips about its own products.

Key, sound and variety The Find My Certification Assistant, which will include hardware-related products, is now available for iOS 14.5 Beta owners. In the find app Items feature Apple has shared its first clue about AirTags with the bag icon it uses.

Some analysts state that new accessories will be introduced in the second quarter, including AirTags. AirTags 3 different sizes and U1 chip It is among the rumors that it will be produced with.

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