19 April 2021
New Windows 10 update may give blue screen

New Windows 10 update may give blue screen

Last posted new windows 10 update It seems to bring some kind of problem with it. Update accordingly, your printer in case you use your computer blue screen can cause it to give and crash.

New Windows 10 update affects printers

Windows Latest published by to report according to the last Windows update may cause problems for some printer owners. Users reported that they encountered a blue screen when they opened the dialog box to print from Notepad, Office Programs or other programs. Microsoft In certain cases, the printing attempt PC’nizde stating that you are aware that it might cause a blue screen Windows 10 Support listed on the page. Although the company has not released a fix yet, the website says “We are currently doing research and we will provide an update when more information becomes available, ”he said.

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It is not clear how common the problem is. But Windows Latest, He stated that there were many error reports that came up. Also Windows users Reddit while focusing on this problem, a person On 4 computers He stated that it was also. Another said, “We just received 3 calls from customers who had the same problem.”Used expressions.

If you run into this problem, the easiest solution seems to be to roll back the latest Windows update. To do this Open Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update> View Update History> Uninstall Updates> Uninstall or open the patch manually in Command Prompt. It will be enough to say remove as. Because some Reddit users have confirmed that this solves their problems.

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