30 July 2021
Niantic announces its penalties for cheating players

Niantic announces its penalties for cheating players

Pokemon Go developer of the game Niantic, containing the details of their anti-cheating efforts blog published the article. According to the article, the company Of 2020 who have been cheating since the very beginning and Ingress with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ı including Over 5 million punished the player.

Niantic didn’t take pity on cheaters

Blog of the penalties in question 20 percent permaban (permanent ban) was specified. The prohibitions in question Pokemon Go’nun Besides the Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’tan the proportion of people who stopped cheating after receiving the initial warning, including bans of 90 percent It was also stated that it was on. The firm also shared that it was encouraging for them to find the right balance between punishing ordinary fraudsters and penalizing larger cheat users.

Niantic announces its penalties for cheating players

Saying that he continues to grow his team to improve his detection and application capabilities Niantic, He stated that they will strengthen their efforts by continuing to oppose those who violate the terms of service with the developing technologies. In addition, the company should prefer the versions of its games in official stores, Jailbreak and He emphasized the importance of avoiding root access applications.

Finally, the company always listens to its players and the games keep it fair He also stated that he is looking for ways to benefit from the community in order to provide it. In this process, he pledged to continue improving and repeating the process with the feedback he received from the community. 2020 for obvious reasons Niantic It is known to be difficult for. The company that produces the games, which has a mechanic for going out and walking around, had to make adjustments to the gameplay of the games.

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