18 April 2021
Nier: Negative comments on Automata on Steam

Nier: Negative comments on Automata on Steam

Recently Nier: Automata, Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft StoreIt came with a different version to. BECOME AS GODS Edition This version called SteamBetter optimized than it was in. Players who own Nier on Steam want the game to be updated.

Steam users poured negative comments on Nier: Automata

The Steam version of the game includes stutters, fps drops, crashes and some resolution issues. Developer Square Enixhas not taken any action to fix these issues since releasing the game on Steam. BECOME AS GODS (BAG) version From the Steam version players who see that they have better optimization, Nier: AutomataIt rained negative comments on ‘s Steam page.

Nier: Automata

Square Enix has been criticized for most of the negative reviews. In some comments BAG states why the version is different from the Steam version. Square Enixhas no explanation on this subject. Finally The Evil WithinIt is stated that the Game Pass / Windows Store version of the game is different from the version available on Steam.

The Evil Within‘in Game Pass / Windows Store in version first person has mode. The second game of The Evil Within had this mode, but the Steam version of the first game does not include such a mode.

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