30 July 2021
Nvidia announced financial results: record revenue!

Nvidia announced financial results: record revenue!

NvidiaAnnounced its 2021 financial results. Company GPU Although it experienced supply problems on the side, it did not suffer any loss at the point of gain. Hardware manufacturer on an annual basis 61 percent with an increase 5 billion dollars reported a record revenue.

The first quarter of the year in general technology and game Note that there is a slower period for product releases in the industry. So even for the biggest tech companies, Nvidia’s positive outlook is surprising in the period that is generally slower than other quarters.

Nvidia keeps its targets big for 2022 as well

Announcing its earnings for the next year, Nvidia also announced in the first quarter of 2022. 5 billion dollars in anticipation of an income. Additionally, the company suggests that most of this amount of revenue will come from the gaming market.

As it is known, leading RTX 3080, 3090, 3070 and then other products RTX 30 Since the launch of the series desktop graphics cards, Nvidia has not been able to meet the demand. But he was not the only company affected. AMD has also struggled more than perhaps Nvidia to keep its graphics card stock going to retailers stable.

GTX 1050 Ti production

Despite struggling with stock problems throughout the year, adding value to its value Nvidiawants to continue its claim with new generation graphics cards.

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