30 July 2021
Nvidia GeForce Experience can be optimized

Nvidia GeForce Experience can be optimized

Nvidia developed by and its applications GPUhelping to get the best performance from GeForce Experience A new feature has been released for the software. The software can now be optimized for the desired application.

Nvidia GeForce Experience activates with a single tap

Nvidia‘s GeForce Experience published for by update DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Lightroom, Illustrator and AutoCAD’More than 30 creative applications, including ss, will be optimized according to the user’s system. Also specific GPU features are not enabled, GeForce Experience It will activate it with a single tap.


Nvidia, with the innovation it brought GeForce Experiencenow wants to be the center of creative applications that help maximize performance. While the company hasn’t made specific changes to really improve the way apps work, it does aim to make sure the installations are done in the best possible way. GeForce Experience at the same time, often associated with game-related functions. Nvidia GPU It is also an important application for its owners. for example Nvidia, optimized for new games GeForce Experience It acts as a launcher for games by publishing Game Ready Drivers via

With this move, the software, NvidiaIt expands its focus to include user creativity, which is an area that is still focused on. Finally, the company was in the early hours of today. RTX supported audio noise canceling feature, popular streaming software Open Broadcaster Software’e (OBS) It is worth noting that it announced that it will be directly integrated.

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