21 April 2021
NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti comes in two different options

NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti comes in two different options

Finally GeForce RTX 3060launched NVIDIA, the new graphics card continues to work. However, the graphics card market is stock shortagehas discouraged the players. Although it is not known when the American manufacturer will increase the stocks NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti, maybe it’s the exit door. Based on specified RTX 3070 Ti two different VRAM options will come with.

Another graphics card expected to be introduced in the near future is RTX 3080 Ti.

NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti comes with 8GB and 16GB VRAM options

RTX 3070 Ti, GA104-400 It will come with a new graphics processor code-named. This graphics processor from NVIDIA on the table we couldn’t see it before. However, the same graphics processor before RTX 3080 car Used with.

Known for hardware leaks on Twitter @unikoshardware, your card It will come with two different VRAM options, 8 GB and 16 GB. stated. The RTX 3070 Ti is not planned to replace the flat version RTX 3070. NVIDIA officials use both cards at the same time plans to make it available on the market. Of course, if we can find a video card in the market …

NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti, AMD’nin RX 6800 will be more competitive against the card. In leaked documents, the card Micron production it turned out to be using a memory. Memory speed of the memories 19 Gbps. In addition to all these, RTX 3070 Ti replaces GDDR6 GDDR6X memories will come with.

RTX 3070 Ti just like RTX 3060 crypto mining restriction is scheduled to arrive with. However, this limitation can be cracked by miners we know. A possible limitation in this situation would be that miners buy the RTX 3070 Ti. will not prevent looks like Your green team specially produced for miners We know it works on video cards. However, the market is as miners and players It will take time to split into two.

RTX 3070 Ti Introducing in May Although expected, a possible production shortage may cause postponement of the promotion.

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