4 August 2021
NVIDIA steadfast in mining hurdle for RTX 3060

NVIDIA steadfast in mining hurdle for RTX 3060

For a few months to chip shortage adding crypto miners, graphics card stocks consumed. Many players, RTX 30 and RX 6000 series has difficulty finding video card. Listening to consumers even though it is difficult, NVIDIA, RTX 3060 for mining restriction had brought. However, crypto miners broke this restriction. For NVIDIA, RTX 3060 after miners move a new restriction determined to bring. American video card manufacturer, the GPU replacing from scratch in pursuit.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 already GA106-300 It is sold with its GPU.

NVIDIA steadfast in crypto mining restriction for RTX 3060

Miners, brought by NVIDIA software restriction managed to overcome. At this point NVIDIA’s the driver he posted by mistake also helped miners. However, NVIDIA is after a more permanent solution this time. American manufacturer, GA106-300 RTX 3060 card with GPU GA106-302 GPU‘will re-launch with water. So the new GPU, existing drivers useless will make a new PCI Device ID will win.

NVIDIA on the reaction of the players, miners and players is determined to distinguish the graphics cards produced for. Developed specifically for miners CMP HX series and GPU replacementproves it. Moreover, this time, graphics cards hardware terms Since it will change, it seems unlikely that the restriction can be lifted by software. In may the new GPU expected to be released, especially Ethereum will affect the boilers.

Hardware constraint for mining first NVIDIA RTX 3060 will come for. However leaks RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070will also be affected by this change. On Twitter @ kopite7kimi The user named, used in these graphics cards GA-104 and GA-102 He stated that their GPUs will also change.

  • GA-102: RTX 3090 / RTX 3080
  • GA-104: RTX 3070
  • GA-106: RTX 3060 Ti / RTX 3060

With GPU update in the performance of graphics cards there will be no reduction. However, even if the update is hardware, how long it will last or Whether it will come with an unbreakable structure There is no definitive result about it.

Increase in mining farms, electricity infrastructure is insufficient It started to cause blackouts in many cities. Some parts of China and Mongolia due to these cuts limitation for mining farms brought.

What do you think about the hardware change NVIDIA will make?

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