22 April 2021
NVIDIA's Reflex technology comes to Overwatch

NVIDIA’s Reflex technology comes to Overwatch

NVIDIA’s latency reduction technology is coming to Overwatch. OverwatchIf you often play on PC, to reduce system input lag as much as possible v-sync and triple buffering Chances are that you have disabled settings such as receiving.

But if you still feel like you missed the shots, additional help is on the way. Since the new update, NVIDIA’s latency reduction Reflex technology, Overwatch PTRIt will be available in. Also relatively new NVIDIA GPUNote that users who own the ‘can test the feature before moving on to the official version of the game.

System lag 50 percentIt is claimed that there will be a decrease of up to

Reflex technologyIt works by limiting the number of frames your GPU queues in certain scenes. thus CPUYour job is running low. NVIDIA, when the feature is enabled, system lag 50 percentHe claims to see a reduction of up to. It is thought that this will also help the game feel more responsive.

As you can see from the graph below, the effect is the most GTX 1660 Super is seen prominently in older and more affordable GPUs such as.

OVERWATCH Reflex technology test results

One GTX 900 Series GPU or newer, the latest from NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready By downloading the driver, PTR You can switch to the client and try Reflex in Overwatch by enabling the feature in the display settings of the game.

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