28 July 2021
Obligation to chip pets: punishment for not wearing

Obligation to chip pets: punishment for not wearing

To pets microchip application is starting. As a result of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association, it was obligatory to put microchips on owned cats, dogs and ferrets.

According to the regulation published in the Official Gazette, dogs must be fitted with microchips until 2021, and cats and ferrets by the end of 2022.

Microchips for owned cats, dogs and ferrets: fine for those who don’t wear it

With the microchip application, it is aimed to prevent the animals from being thrown to the streets and to find the stolen animals more easily. It is also expected to play an active role in controlling animal diseases.

Pet owners, at the latest 3 months after birth The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry must apply to the first or district directorates. After this application, a passport will be issued by attaching a microchip to the pet. The application will be carried out by veterinarians authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Until today 225 TL microchip installation fee 75 TL as announced. In addition, pet owners who do not have their dogs microchipped by the end of the year. Over 10 thousand TL waiting for a fine. Microchip application on the agenda of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, which will serve as the basis also of the Animal Welfare Act.

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