30 July 2021
OnePlus 9 Pro users face serious problems - ShiftDelete.Net

OnePlus 9 Pro users face serious problems – ShiftDelete.Net

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 9 series last month. One of the best models in this series OnePlus 9 Pro, serious problems are on the agenda that make users give up.

Device according to incoming notifications, When using the camera it becomes extremely hot. Users especially 4K He states that the device is too hot to hold in hand during video shooting.

OnePlus 9 Pro heating issue is annoying

OnePlus 9 Pro users expressed the problem they experienced on their forum pages. According to reports, the device 4K’da 60fps When recording video it gets too hot. Moreover, this warming causes the camera to be turned off suddenly. The company acknowledged the current problem and stated that they are working to solve it.

Android Police The website claimed that OnePlus will release an update next week to fix the heating problem. However, it is not known whether this update will fix the warming issue for sure.

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro gets very hot when using the camera

Another problem is on the battery side

Another problem users experience is the poor performance of the battery. Even at the best settings, the power consumption of the battery is high. However, it is hoped that the company will also fix this problem with the next update.

The Chinese company had a similar incident last year. The company has launched OnePlus 8T The model had been the subject of complaints due to fingerprint problems after it went on sale.

OnePlus 8 Pro There was also a green screen problem in the model. However, the company resolved these problems with software updates.

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