6 August 2021
OnePlus launches new accessory for gamers

OnePlus launches new accessory for gamers

Launched its first smartwatch weeks ago OnePlusintroduced a new phone accessory. The accessory that acts as a trigger for gaming, all iOS ve It can be used on Android phones.

The company as you remember OnePlus 9 During the launch event, the game had announced its trigger preparations. If today OnePlus CEO’s Pete Lau He introduced the accessory with a tweet he posted.

The accessory will be sold only in India for now

“We designed the OnePlus game triggers to be robust, responsive, pleasantly“ clicky ”and yes, beautiful, said the CEO, announcing the accessory’s promotion on his Twitter account. We’ve also made sure they work with many other phones. Because the best product design is design that allows you to be free to make your own choices. ” shared his note.

Game triggers consist of two separate physical accessories attached to the front and back edges of a phone. So much so that when plugged into the device, the triggers work like shoulder buttons on game console controllers.

Of the device OnePlus India according to the listing page in the store triggersfor haptic feedback working with your phone via capacitive transmission.Omron switchedIt contains physical buttons.

In the photos, the touch buttons overlap with the tops of the screen. For this reason, players need to remap the control areas on the screen to the parts of the screen that the game triggers can reach.

OnePlus game triggers are currently on the company’s India store $ 15 sold for. However, it is unclear whether or when it will go on sale in other regions.

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