22 April 2021
Opera iOS app has been renewed: Name and appearance have changed

Opera iOS app has been renewed: Name and appearance have changed

Of Opera The iOS app gets a cleaner look and a shorter name. Opera is celebrating the third anniversary of the current iOS browser with some changes. The first of these changes is that the name of the application is now Opera Touch not. The browser is now only Opera will be used with the name.

The app also gets a refreshed look as evident right away from the tweaked app icon. The theme of the application is now mor instead red it will be.

Opera will have a cleaner look on iOS

In new view bottom bar and fast processing related icons daha the opaque with icons that are refreshing. Shadows have been removed due to bubbles and other items, according to Opera. The diagonal background has been removed to provide a smoother, flatter look. On the other hand, in the application, the colors that preserve the long-standing minimalist look have been updated.

Opera, iOS number of users February until month In 12 months 65 percentannounced that it increased over. The company claims the increase is due to Apple’s decision to let its users change their default browsers in iOS 14.

Redesigned Opera iOS app starting today App StoreIt will be downloadable in. In addition, it should be noted that Opera will gradually roll out the update to existing users.

Opera’s details of the update official blog pageYou can browse through.

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