30 July 2021
Operation to Thodex CEO in Albania - ShiftDelete.Net

Operation to Thodex CEO in Albania – ShiftDelete.Net

Thodex crypto exchange crisis There has been an important development for Thought to be in albania Faruk Fatih Ozer Albanian Police organized an operation on the hotel where it was staying.

Raid to Thodex CEO Faruk Fatih Özer’s hotel

Thodex cryptocurrency exchange After the developments that happened one after another for, CEO Faruk Fatih Ozer recently, Interpol, red notice took off. Less than 24 hours after this red bulletin, Albania took action.

According to the information Çetiner Çetin from Habertürk received from the Albanian authorities, the police carried out an operation to the hotel where Faruk Fatih Özer was staying. As a result of the operation, the police, Thodex CEOHe could not seize the ‘. According to this Fatih OzerHe left his room long before.

How did the Thodex operation take place?

According to the information received by Çetiner Çetin, an Albanian senior official who does not want to be named: “His hotel was identified and an operation was carried out, but he could not be caught because he had escaped from the hotel before. The vehicle and license plate rented by Özer has been determined ”.

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Authorities could not find him at his hotel after the operation. Fatih Ozer continues to search for. According to the teams that started tracking through the license plate of the vehicle, the CEO is still within the borders of Albania. After the operation Thodex CEOThe vehicle your ‘ran away from is monitored by the teams with highway and road cameras. There are in agreement on extradition between Albania and Turkey.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soyluheld a meeting with Albania during the day. Turkey Safety is also in contact with the Albanian authorities. It turned out that the General Directorate of Security also contacted Albania’s Police authorities twice.

According to the information received, the General Directorate of Security contacted the Albanian General Directorate of Security twice. Accordingly, the operations of Albania and Turkey are co-managing. Authorities say the founder of Thodex is currently in the capital, Tirana.

After the closure of Thodex, today still Vebitcoin crypto currency exchange announced that it stopped its activities. If after this explanation COOKseized all the accounts of the exchange in question. After these news, Central Bank Governor as well as the President’s adviser announced that cryptocurrency regulation is on the way.

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