18 April 2021
Oppo also enters the foldable phone market

Oppo also enters the foldable phone market

Foldable phones have become the rising trend for technology giants. Samsung and Huawe’in This market, which he pioneered, is getting ready to expand with new models. According to the allegations, Xiaomi, Oppo, alive and even Google even works on phones with this feature. It is stated that Oppo is the closest company to introduce the foldable phone model.

Oppo will introduce its foldable phone soon

According to the claim made by some Chinese sources, the company will organize an event before the second quarter of 2021 is over. Oppo, will introduce the phone at this launch. However, the details of the phone have not been revealed yet. The company recently rollable announced a model with a (coiled) concept.


Concept design of the Oppo X model. (It has nothing to do with the expected folding model.)

Who succeeded in launching the phones preferred by the users Oppo, It is a matter of curiosity how successful it will be in foldable phones. However, the company will compete with competitors with nearly two years of experience in this field. Huawei, the second phone in this concept Mate X2’yi introduced in last February. Another company Samsung if Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 is preparing to introduce its models soon.

Foldable Despite all their flaws, phones manage to attract the attention of users. These models, which increase their market share, will be in 2020. nine million broke a record by selling pieces. This number until 2023 to sixty six million expected to arrive. Samsung is currently the dominant company in the market. The company is popular Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip with models of the market 87 percent dominate the part. The biggest rival Huawei Mate X2 however, it has difficulty competing due to the US embargo. The race is expected to gain momentum as other companies enter the market.

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