4 August 2021
Ordered apple from the grocery store iPhone SE (2020) wins

Ordered apple from the grocery store iPhone SE (2020) wins

Big companies run interesting campaigns from time to time. One of them recently Englandoccurred in. 50-year-old Nick James, supermarket chain TescoHe gave a remote shopping order from. One of the products that James added to his list it was apple. However, James, who came to take his order, iPhone SE (2020) wins and he returned home with his new phone. Of course with the apples he wants together.

Supermarket chain Tesco, except for iPhone SE (2020) AirPods He also gives other gifts such as.

The man who ordered apples from the grocery store wins iPhone SE (2020)

With Tesco application last Wednesday online orderer 50 year old Nick Jamesencountered an unexpected gift. The store clerk had food for James, who came to pick up his orders. that you will find a surprise told. Nick said that Easter egg is expected, instead iPhone SE (2020) faced with.

UK-based supermarket chain Tesco, online orderers random customers picked stated. In addition, the market, the gifts given and the products ordered by the customers is the link also said. So James, who ordered apples, iPhone SE (2020) won.

For online shoppers through Tesco’s UK stores He gave about 80 gifts appeared. Those who order apples some part iPhone SE (2020) while earning detergent tablet Some of those who ordered are also home Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 returned with. The gift list is as follows:

  • Chance to win AirPods for those who order cod.
  • For those who order apples, the chance to win an iPhone SE (2020).
  • For those who order Mini Cheddar cheese, a chance to win an iPhone 12 Mini.
  • For those who order bread, the Motorola E7 is a chance to win.
  • For those who order tablet detergent, the Galaxy Tab A7 is a chance to win.
  • For those who order milk Galaxy chocolate, chances to win Samsung Galaxy S21 5G.
  • For those who order the Milky Galaxy drink, a chance to win a Galaxy Watch 3.
  • For those who order diapers, the chance to win the Galaxy Fit 2.
  • A chance to win GalaxyBuds for those who order cotton buds.

Which product would you like to see from such a lottery?

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