30 July 2021
Our wireless world connects with glass fibers

Our wireless world connects with glass fibers

─░nternethas become an indispensable part of our age. Pandemic The internet, whose importance has increased even more after the end of the day, appears before us in every field. Especially to copper wire reaching very high speeds compared to fiber optics Glass fiber, which is the raw material of cables, is used in many areas.

Glass fibers will save lives: Our wireless worlds are connecting!

On our phones Gorilla Glassin our cars infotainment Glass greets us in all modern communication tools up to the screens. But when it comes to the internet, whether it’s 5G, Starlink satellites or Wi-Fi, it’s under our oceans right now. 1.210.000 km fiber optic cable.

These little pieces of glass, our photos, our emails and carries our video chats from our phones to data centers, to our friends and family around the world. As this feather fine fibers thanks to almost anyone, anywhere, we can communicate instantly and all 5,000 years based on a technology: bed.

That the light passes through transparent and durable When we look at the usage areas of glass, which is a material, we cannot say that it has changed much during its long history. Light, coded loads of information Since it can move fast and at high frequencies while carrying it, a near-perfect glass cable is used to send all of our communications. a safe environment It comes across as.

What is Fiber Optic?

Fiber optics, across a human hair shaft They are thin, long wires made of very pure glass. These are arranged in bundles called optical cables and are used to transmit light signals over long distances.

To a single fiber optic if you look closely, You will see it consists of the following parts:

Core – Thin glass center of the fiber where the light travels

Covering – External optical material that surrounds the core and reflects light back to the core

Tampon covering Plastic coating that protects the fiber from damage and moisture

Hundreds, even thousands of optical wires (fiber) is included in bundled optical cables. The bundles are protected by outer sheaths called “jackets” in English.

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