28 July 2021
Password manager hacked: 29,000 companies at stake

Password manager hacked: 29,000 companies at stake

Corporate password manager Passwordstatehas been hacked by cyberattack. Close to 29 thousand companies affected by the attack. Although it is not disclosed what kind of data the attackers have obtained, it is stated that the password information of customers is at risk.

TheRecordAccording to the report shared by Passwordstate’s parent company Click Studios29 thousand customers earlier today e-mail informed with. Australian software company, to their customers change all passwords as soon as possible He recommended.

29 thousand companies now need to change their passwords

Recently, we see that companies and individual users are in trouble with cyber attacks. The fact that many companies from different parts of the world are affected by such an attack reveals the importance of cyber security once again.

Security breach 20 April 2021 and 22 April 2021 It was announced that it was experienced between dates. Since Passwordstate is a password manager, the attack is not only email and user accounts, but also internal hardware and software information such as firewalls, VPNs It also affects.

cyber attack

29 thousand companies’ information is in jeopardy

Dealing with attack CSIS Security Grouppublished the details of the attack. The CSIS Security Group’s report is as follows:

”The security firm uses the threat actor’s Passwordstate applications. ” moserware.secretsplitter.dll “ contains a DLL file named ” Passwordstate_upgrade.zip “ force download an additional ZIP file named. After installation, this DLL file is a file in which it will request new commands and take additional overhead. Ping the remote command and control server.”

Click Studios Moserware released a fix pack to help remove malware from the attacker he named.

UK security firm Cyjax’ta malware analyst William Thomas “This is a really annoying violation,” he told The Record. In the network Imagine having to change all your passwords for each device on Friday. ” said.

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