1 August 2021
Perseverance found a rock on Mars: Unidentified

Perseverance found a rock on Mars: Unidentified

Of NASA Perseverance tool for a while Marsin. It landed successfully at the end of February and spent most of March testing its various systems, making sure everything was still working after a long trip around the world.

While the spacecraft patiently awaits the small Mars helicopter Ingenuity to make its first flight, scientists use Perseverance to control rocks in the immediate vicinity. Again, during a routine check, one rock especially caught Perseverance’s attention. NASA states that scientists are discussing where this interesting rock came from.

Perseverance examines the rock with laser pulses

NASA Picture of perseverance Twitter In the post he made from his account “rover’sHe stated that he shot the rock with the laser and is still trying to learn more about him. It is also stated that the rock is 15 cm long.

Recreation traces can be seen in the middle of the rock near the right side of the photo. If you zoom in, a series of small dots are visible, and these are where the traveler fired his laser. Perseverance Thanks to this laser, it can collect data on the composition of the source.

Although the rock is covered by dust rolling on the planet’s surface, it is quite smooth and even bright looks.

The team created many different hypotheses about the rock. “Is this something weathered from the local bedrock? A piece of Mars that fell into the region from a distant collision event? Is it a meteorite? Or something else? ”

NASA still seems to be trying to make a list of things that could happen before focusing on the most likely explanation for the rock.

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