18 April 2021
Petal Search's surprising number of users revealed

Petal Search’s surprising number of users revealed

Huawei developed as a competitor to Google Petal Search It launched its service last May. Originally a simple search engine, the service has grown by acquiring new features over time. It allows users to install applications from any site with one click, visual search, etc. introduced features.

Vice President of Huawei Consumer Mobile Services Dr. Jaime Gonzalo and Andreas Zimmer, Product Manager for Huawei Europesearch engine number of users outside of China. he explained. According to the information shared, the Petal Search service outside of China 14 million per month has a user. These 4 million and much of it is in Europe. Expressing that he is pleased with the status of Petal Search, the company stated that it aims to increase the number of users to 60 million by the end of 2021.

Petal Search has passed the 15 million threshold

Petal Search’ü You do not have to have a Huawei phone to use it. Search engine AppGallery You can download and use it via your phone. Except for searching You can listen to music, book a hotel, read the news and weather forecast You can look at the predictions.

Petal Search, which attaches importance to privacy and security, “Incognito mode” It contains the feature. In this way, the searches you make and the sites you enter while using the search engine remain confidential and cannot be tracked by third party software and cookies.

Huawei changed the Petal Search design with the update it released in January. It gave a simpler and smoother look to the menu system and application interface.

New Petal services are also on the way

Huawei is not just a search engine under the Petal brand name; brought users together with many services. In the product range of the Chinese technology giant Petal Maps and Petal Docs services are also included. The company that comes to the agenda with new services, Petal Mail and Petal Translate It develops two more services, namely. However, it is worth noting that these services are still in beta.

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