29 July 2021
Pinterest will appoint representatives in Turkey!

Pinterest will appoint representatives in Turkey!

Being a visual sharing platform Pinterest also reported that they will appoint representatives in our country. Development, Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Twitter announced from his account.

Pinterest joins companies that appoint representatives

The daily reach of more than 1 million in Turkey Pinterest companies that appointed representatives joined the caravan. Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Omer Fatih SayanHis Twitter account in sharing, Law No. 7253 of Pinterest He stated that he will appoint a representative to our country within the scope of. In his post, Sayan said, “Good news. 7253 within the scope of law numbered Pinterest today appointed the representative of Turkey. Thus, with a daily reach of more than 1 million in our country, social network Nobody notified that they would appoint a representative from the providers ”.

Thus, Sayan said would no longer be protected more effectively the rights of citizens of the digital world in Turkey, and victimization against our citizens will find interlocutors in social networks will be resolved faster underlined. Sayan also said:October 1, 2020 If we remember the process that started as of, the law gradually; administrative fines, advertising ban and band restriction sanctions were imposed. We find it pleasing that social networks are coming to our country without applying the band narrowing sanction ”.

Pinterest privacy policy

1 October 2020 During the representative appointment process that started on Google, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook large-scale tech companies such as 7253 He took the decision to appoint a representative in Turkey under the law no. The law aims to regulate online broadcasts and fight crimes committed through these broadcasts.

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