4 August 2021
Playstation 5 update ready: External storage!

Playstation 5 update ready: External storage!

Although the year 2020 was engraved with the coronavirus epidemic all over the world, there have been important developments in the technology world despite all the setbacks. One of these is the sale of Sony PlayStation 5 and new Xbox models.

Consoles, which were sold out within minutes after they were put on the market, came to the fore with stock problems for a long time. We can say that while there are delays in production and delivery processes due to the epidemic, it is now largely back to normal.

Sony has prepared the first major software update for the PlayStation 5 in the meantime and will offer it to users tomorrow. The article published on PlayStation Blog was announced.

PlayStation 5 gets storage feature to external disk

The fact that the game sizes increase to hundreds of GB levels is a difficult situation for the players on both PC and console sides. Aside from installing huge updates, these games are a separate problem in storing them.

In this context, storage to an external USB disk is activated for PS5. Thanks to this feature, which will work with the specified compatible discs, you will not have to delete any game when your storage space is full.

However, it is not possible to play these games. Yes, you did not hear it wrong, you can only store it and it becomes playable if you copy it to the device.

This feature should not be confused with external M2 SSD support. Sony The feature that allows to expand the storage space with M.2 SSDs While he announced that he is still working on it, he did not share any date.

For more customization and advanced control Game Base menu has been improved. From quickly switching between Parties and Friends to turning notifications on and off, many features are now much faster.

Thanks to the intergenerational Share Play feature, it has been made possible to share gameplay between PlayStation 4 and 5. In this way, PS5 users can view the screens of their PS4 owner friends and vice versa. In fact, both parties can test each other’s games.

PlayStation App updated

For a better experience PlayStation app is also being updated. Recently introduced features such as saving products to the wish list, receiving notifications when your friends are online, and changing the console’s online status.

With the update, which will be released in the coming weeks, it will become available on PS5 for features such as joining a multiplayer session, managing storage space, comparing trophy collections with your friends, and sorting and filtering products shown on PlayStation Store.

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