30 July 2021
PlayStation 5 went down in history with its sales speed

PlayStation 5 went down in history with its sales speed

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X’With its release, the console wars have resumed. PS4 with the champion of the past generation Sony, again leading the race. Although the Japanese technology giant has serious problems in production, it is breaking a record in PS5 sales.

World’s 9th largest market research company operating in 20 countries National Purchase Diary According to reports published by (NDP), PS5, ABD It has managed to become the fastest selling game console in its history.

PlayStation 5 couldn’t find its potential but broke a record

Past February made a statement in Sony, from console exit 4.5 million announced that it sold pieces. Finally NDP According to a report published by PlayStation 5both revenue and unit ABD became the fastest selling game console in its history.

Although it broke a record Sony has not reached its full sales potential. Covid-19 The company, which has production problems due to its production, is having difficulties in keeping up with the demands. While players can’t get the consoles they want, stockists make the situation worse. However, the processor crisis is expected to worsen the situation.

According to the company, which also lists the performances of the games on the platform Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, top seller PlayStation 5 game was. This game respectively Spider-Man: Miles Morales and recent popular production Outriders followed.

The best-selling console record is still on PlayStation 2

PlayStation 5 It was the fastest selling game console, but the bestselling record still belongs to someone else. 2000 entered our lives in the year PS2, holds the record for the best selling console of all time. 13 years The legendary console, which is on sale throughout the 155 million pieces sold. This is the biggest reason for success PS2’nin game support and the cheapest of its time DVD have a player. The list is as follows:

  1. PlayStation 2 (Sony) : 155 milyon
  2. DS (Nintendo): 154.02 million
  3. Game Boy & Game Boy Color (Nintendo): 118.69 milyon
  4. PlayStation 4 (Sony) : 114.9 milyon
  5. PlayStation (Sony): 102.49 milyon
  6. Wii (Nintendo): 101.63 million
  7. PlayStation 3 (Sony): 87.4 milyon
  8. Xbox 360 (Microsoft): 84 milyon
  9. Game Boy Advance (Nintendo): 81.51 milyon
  10. PlayStation Portable (Sony) : 80 milyon

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