23 July 2021
PlayStation Store add-on provides access to PS3 and Vita

PlayStation Store add-on provides access to PS3 and Vita

A short while ago PS3 and PS Vita Sony gave up its decision for, and did not close the old PlayStation Store web version that provided games to these systems. However, a browser plug-in developed just in case, allows access to this version of the store.

Sony, A few days ago PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita took a step back from the decision to close down. In addition, the company stated that the store version that provides games to these platforms will continue to exist. However, a posted web plugin allows access to the old version just in case.

PlayStation Store add-on available in Firefox

Mozilla‘s Firefox Add-on available through the browser, PS5 used up to market Valkyrie PlayStation StoreProvides access to the renewed web version of. The plugin offers an easy browsing experience and does not use the system’s own software. Vita and PS3 seems to be the only way to buy and download games.

playstation-store-plugin provides access-to-ps3-and-vita

Sony in the next few months PS3 and Vita Although he announced that he was planning to close his stores, he had to postpone this decision to a later date. Many developers were concerned about not being able to release their games due to the store closure date. In the statements made later, it was stated that it was gratifying that these two platforms still attracted attention. Nevertheless, against any decision that can be taken, game developers will be able to breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the add-on.

Other Sony’s PSP store will be closed in July. It is a matter of curiosity whether a plug-in will come for this store in the same way.

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