1 August 2021
Pleasing development for season 2 of the Witcher series

Pleasing development for season 2 of the Witcher series

Original Andrzej SapkowskiAdaptation of the popular game series based on the popular novel series of The Witcher Today, he appeared before his fans with a surprise news. The production, which was delayed for a long time due to the pandemic, finally gave the expected good news for its second season.

Filming for Season 2 of The Witcher series completed

Popular fantasy-themed web series The Witcherleft behind many question marks with the first season. While the series, which divided the audience into two, was greeted by some as a disappointment; It is referred to as a masterpiece by some.

Things haven’t been going very well for The Witcher lately. He frightened the fans of the TV series, whose shooting was suspended more than once. He drew the impression that season 2 would not be completed for a long time. Headliner Henry CavillThese rhetoric had escalated after ‘s serious accident on the set.

The Witcher

Production for season 2 of The Witcher has ended.

Netflix’s new statement made The Witcher fans happy. The shooting of the second season of the series is over. Filming In 15 different venues and In 158 days Completed. Post production process has begun for popular production.

Casting, poor quality CGI The wait for the second season of The Witcher, which has been criticized for problems such as its use and mixed timeline, continues. Netflix has not given a release date for now. However, the expected season is expected to be released at the end of the year, just like the first season published in 2019..

The Witcher

The post production process has begun for the new season of The Witcher.

The Witcher anime series is coming

As the second season shootings of The Witcher series, in which Netflix has made serious investments; the company is also the favorite character of the series An anime about Vesemir working on it. It is not yet clear when the expected cartoon animation will be released. But it seems quite possible that we will see it before the second season of the main series.

The anime series Sapkowski’s, which leaked a piece from the script last month “The Last Wish” (Son Dilek) Based on his first novel. The anime adaptation of The Witcher, which confuses the audience with various time jumps in the original series, will follow a straight timeline.

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