14 April 2021
Polaris started work on electric Ranger

Polaris started work on electric Ranger

Polaris with Zero Motorcycles The first electric Powersports tool, battery operated Ranger it will be. While no information is given about the range, battery pack or price of the vehicle, production In December 2021 has been reported to start.

Polaris wants to take advantage with its electric Ranger vehicle

America based Polaris’in the best selling brand in commercial vehicles Ranger Speaking about the company spokesperson, stating that more details about the project will come in the coming days, the goals are to “have the skills needed to gain advantage for customers, more tork, more power, and more volume good with Ranger he said to produce ”. The spokesperson also Polaris He mentioned that it makes it easy for him to do what he wants.

Polaris-electric-ranger-to-work has begun

Polaris and Zero Motorcycles, earlier ATV, UTV and to produce a range of electric vehicles, including snowmobiles 10 years signed an agreement. Both companies want to take over this overlooked area of ​​the electric vehicle market, starting with off-road vehicles and snowmobiles. Also as the fruit of the project 2025 until Polaris’in It is planned to make an electric version of all kinds of vehicles in the series.

Polaris’in interim CEO Mike Speetzen “With the growing interest in electric vehicles, we invest in electrification to meet the needs of current customers and address the drivers of tomorrow. The new all-electric Ranger will also take forward is our newest effort ”.

Electric Ranger It is reported that it is being developed at the company’s facility in Wyoming, Minnesota and will also be produced at another facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Gas fired Rangers as the price 20 thousand dollars (145 bin 580 Turkish lira) finds buyers around. Electric To see how much the model will be offered, Of 2022 It looks like we will wait for the first months.

Source: The Verge

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