23 July 2021
Poor quality masks are being collected: Here are the details

Poor quality masks are being collected: Here are the details

Pandemic we have started to use since the coronavirus masksdoes not have sufficient standards. Unfortunately poor quality masks While it does not provide any protection against coronavirus, it becomes a complete microbe home because it does not comply with the standards.

Especially the virus to mutate about this issue, which came to the agenda after the coronavirus cases in our country and the coronavirus cases in our country peaked again. Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency took action.

Increasing the protection rate of most companies’ standard masks from 90 percent to 98 percent. meltblown who found that he was not using his material TİTCKimposes strict inspection on these products.

Poor quality masks that cannot meet the standard will be collected

In light of these controls 400Masks of more than one company were put to the test. Masks that cannot meet the standard according to the test results, will be withdrawn from the market as of today.

Erkin Delikanlı, Vice President of the Federation of All Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers Associations (TÜMDEF), stated that after the increase in demand for masks during the pandemic period, investors from every sector entered the mask business and the quality of masks decreased significantly.

poor quality masks

Poor quality coronavirus masks will be withdrawn from the market

Stating that the masks of many companies sold in large markets are sold with the “meltblown protective” label, Erkin Delikanlı said: These companies also try to deceive the state in their approval process. They really use meltblown for the products they send to TITCK for approval, but when they launch it, they use a different material. We even see that it uses a bag lining. The fact that the ministry will stop these fraudsters is a gratifying development for industry professionals. As sector representatives, we want these inspections to be more frequent. “The inspections should be tightened so that the rotten apples between us are separated.”

Before purchasing such masks, citizens should turn to the products of reliable brands and to check the content Stating that it will be, Erkin Delikanlı said: “The citizen should definitely check whether the product has been scanned from the camera of the ÜTS application from the barcode number on the box and if necessary, he should complain about the goods with different content by using the complaint button from the same application.” said.

Experts warn to use double masks, especially to protect against mutated coronavirus. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you choose a mask from quality and reliable ones.

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