4 August 2021
Popular free game Genshin Impact comes to PS5

Popular free game Genshin Impact comes to PS5

World’s most popular RPG among the games Genshin Impact, PlayStation 5 announced for. China‘in Zelda The game, known as the game, will be released for next generation consoles very soon.

The game will also receive a new patch. Beneath the Light of Jadeite This patch will bring new stories and mechanics to the game, along with additional characters.

Genshin Impact arriving on April 29

Launched last year and became very popular in a short time Genshin Impact PS5 is preparing to take the first step with the new generation. The console version of the game, Beneath the Light of Jadeite It comes with an update called. 4K resolution to this patch game, It adds new content, along with improved textures and faster load times.


Eula and Yanfei The game, with two new characters named, will also have many new enemies. One of these Vishaps Lordu Azhdaha, the other is Cryo Hypostasis it will be. The game will reward users who manage to defeat these new enemies. At the same time, construction mechanics, furniture and tradable items are among the features added to the game.

Developer studio miHoYo, In addition to all these innovations, another playable zone Inazumaalso announced. The region, which is currently at the stage of concept, contains many buildings and cities. Players are currently in Teyvat, two of the seven major cities Mondstadt and Liyue PortThey can discover.

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