18 April 2021
Porsche releases electric bikes!  Here is the first information

Porsche releases electric bikes! Here is the first information

Porsche, Taycan Cross Turismo will launch its luxury electric bicycles this spring. The automaker has launched several other electric vehicles besides the Taycan Cross Turismo. however, these were touted as two-wheeled bicycles. Luxury car manufacturerboth with full suspension carbon fiber frame and Magura to the brakes launched two electric motorcycles inspired by Taycan.

Porsche inspired Taycan for eBike

Also, bicycles are the Japanese bicycle industry giant Shimano It was equipped with components including engines and gear shifting systems manufactured by Porsche has a rear carrier for up to three bikes of these. Cross TurismoIt states that it is made to complete.

Porsche eBike SportIt is stated that it is designed for the streets. TechCrunchAccording to the bike, 15 mphand has high quality suspension components to ensure a stable ride on asphalt or other soft terrain.

Porsche eBike

Porsche eBike

In addition, Porsche eBike CrossIt is stated that it is designed for more difficult roads with a hydraulically adjustable seat post for rapid seat height changes. Both models will come in three sizes and will be available through Porsche dealers in the spring. As you can imagine, neither model will be cheap. Prices for eBike Sport From $ 10,700 while starting, eBike Cross‘and en az From $ 8,549 announced that it will be sold.

Porsche, motorcycles Taycan ev introduced with Taycan Cross Turismo, which is the continuation of the sedan. Vehicle with more headroom and a larger cargo area than the previous model, $ 91,000 will be available with the starting price.

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