30 July 2021
Presidency: The world is bigger than GAFAM - ShiftDelete.Net

Presidency: The world is bigger than GAFAM – ShiftDelete.Net

Ali Taha Koç, President of the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office, expressed President Erdoğan’s frequently uttered “world is bigger than five” words, adapted to the world of technology, and said, “The world is bigger than GAFAM.”

The first question that comes to mind after this explanation What is GAFAM? happened. Which means Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft Ali Taha KoçThis technology, developed in Turkey said they aimed their giant counterparts.

Shared by Sputnik to the news by, TRT Academy Speaking to the magazine, President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha KoçRegarding the goal of making the equivalent of technology giant companies, he said;

“Mr.President always says, ‘The world is bigger than five’, and I say a similar one in digital sense: The world GAFASis greater than. GAFAM, yani Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft.

Google knows all of our search systems. Apple knows both our computer and our phone. Apart from our biometric data, it also took our fingerprints. Facebook even knows who we like and what we eat and drink.

Amazon knows how we shop, what movies we watch, what we like and what we don’t. Microsoft has the knowledge of all the operating systems we use. “

To the words of coach “While these companies have such a large amount of data, your from freedom and democracy it’s a little hard to talk about. Because these five companies He knows more than most of the states about you. If these companies are in their possession If they shared all the data with each other, we would be devastated.. In this sense, data security is as important and priority as the security of our borders. continued in the form.

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