21 April 2021
Productivity-focused new feature from Microsoft Edge

Productivity-focused new feature from Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge will greatly increase the productivity of employees working in corporate life Links Recall History opened a new extension named to its users. With this feature, you will be able to easily view the links that you previously shared in the browser or shared with you.

Recently MicrosoftBrowser add-ons developed for Edge Add-ons He had implemented his service. Currently still Beta This page is in phase, EdgeIt offers you a lot of extensions for you to customize. One of the new members joining these extensions aims to make the program more efficient. The plugin, which brings your lost links under one roof, is now in front of the user.

Microsoft Edge finds your lost links for you

Developed by Microsoft cross platform web browser Edge continues to innovate without slowing down. The last feature included in the platform is the program’s add-on store. Links Recall History extension happened. This extension, which appeals to increase the productivity of users, aims to help scattered users.

Microsoft Edge

New extension for users who share many links during the day; publishes all the links you share on the browser or shared with you on a private page. The extension’s interface is Edge’s Past While quite similar to the page, the company is currently collecting feedback from users. To the question of why we should download this extension for Edge Microsoft he replies as follows:

We send and receive a large number of links throughout our working life. However, when we really need to use them, we can forget the site address or where we saw it. These processes can be difficult and time consuming. It takes a lot of time and energy to check emails and browse chats to find links.

But thanks to this small plug-in, you can make your time more efficient. In the navigation bar of the Microsoft Edge browser after downloading the add-on Shared Links item will be located. On this page, you will be able to easily check the links in your browser history. To the council You can get the extension for free by clicking.

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