6 August 2021
Prof.  Dr.  Good news for coronavirus from Ceyhan!

Prof. Dr. Good news for coronavirus from Ceyhan!

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in a written statement after the Scientific Committee meeting, said, ‘İntranazal Covid‘announced that Phase 1 studies will be started very soon.

Koca noted that if the initiative of Turkish scientists concludes, the production efficiency of this vaccine will be very high, and 250 million doses can be produced annually in 1 facility.

Intranasal vaccine prevents transmission of coronavirus

According to the news of Sözcü, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan stated that the first goal in vaccines is to end the epidemic, and that this is the way to prevent transmission. Stating that a live vaccine is needed to prevent transmission completely, but developing a live coronavirus vaccine did not seem possible before 3 years, Ceyhan continued his words as follows;

The living one; but there are vector vaccines in which the corona virus cannot be alive. Adenovirus is alive and only the barbed structure of the corona virus has the gene. The only vaccine candidate that can prevent transmission in a short time seems to be the ‘Intranasal Covid’ vaccine.


Another important thing in the pandemic vaccine is that it is easy to reach, easy to produce, and will last for a long time. Therefore, many vaccines we use do not have these features.

“Over 10 groups are working on this vaccine. One of these groups started Phase 1 studies on January 10th. If this can be achieved, it will greatly facilitate pandemic vaccination.

Here, if the only problem is produced by 3-5 companies, there will be trouble in vaccine supply. Already, the companies that develop intranasal vaccines are continuing their negotiations, and if a successful vaccine is released, they are already trying to make connections “

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