30 July 2021
Promising research for BioNTech vaccine efficacy

Promising research for BioNTech vaccine efficacy

Coronavirus disease We have been in our lives for over a year. Many countries, including Turkey coronavirus proven effectiveness for vaccinations started to use. A study in Israel BioNTech coronavirus vaccine showed promising results for its effectiveness.

A single dose may be sufficient for BioNTech vaccine efficacy

Turkish scientists Dr. Ozlem Ture and Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahincompany of BioNTech, Pfizer developed together with Coronavirus Vaccine stands out with.

The vaccine, whose effectiveness was discussed in the first vaccination results from Israel, seems to have left all these negativities behind.

In israel BioNTech vaccine In the study among those, the total 600 thousand people was used. From Israel Clalit Research Institute and Negev Ben-Gurion University to the work done by Harvard Universityalso gave support.

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According to research after a single dose BioNTech vaccine its activity is severe coronavirus disease in prevention 62 percent appeared at the level.

Two to three weeks after the first dose, the vaccine by 72 percent was determined to be effective. Also effective in preventing hospitalization Coronavirus Vaccineafter the first dose 74 percent It showed an effect. This efficacy with the second dose 87 percent realized as.

In preventing infections, the vaccine is in the first dose 46 percentif after the second dose 92 percent It showed an effect. Israel so far population 53.7 percent ′so 4.65 million managed to inoculate. In this sense, the leading country is again 37.8 percentIt has hit the second dose on the part of.

BioNTech coronavirus vaccine effectiveness according to Phase 3 Covid-19 In the prevention of symptoms, it was 57 percent in the first dose and 95 percent after the second dose. Research vaccine coronavirus Although he hasn’t been able to find out whether it prevents him from passing his disease, the first results show hope.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said in a statement yesterday BioNTech vaccine The first 800 thousand doses would reach Turkey announced within 10 days.

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