28 July 2021
PS5 does not allow you to play digital games offline

PS5 does not allow you to play digital games offline

PlayStation 5 offline does not allow you to play digital games. Actually, this situation needs to be detailed. You could not play digital games installed on the console if the PlayStation 4 did not have a CMOS battery or if the battery was out of life. To experience this situation, you must not have an internet connection. The same is true for PlayStation 5s that do not have an internet connection and have a dead CMOS battery. The CMOS battery enables the BIOS in a computer system to run continuously. The BIOS is also a ROM Memory and advertises all the hardware to the processor.

PlayStation 5 Digital version is more affected by this situation

Your console When the CMOS battery is dead You can play boxed games even if you are not connected to the internet. PlayStation 5 Digital in version When the CMOS battery is dead and when there is no internet connectionyou cannot open games installed on the console. Moreover, since the PlayStation 5 Digital version does not have a Blu-Ray Disc input, you cannot run boxed games on your console. Does it play ? Twitter hesabı, C-Bomb also discovered this problem called PlayStation 5.

They noted that when they removed the CMOS battery and powered the console on PlayStation 5, the console started itself in safe mode and rebuilt the database. C-BombThe disc version of the PlayStation 5 may not affect the disc version much, but it does pose a problem for users who own the digital version of the console. Does it play ? in testing phase followed these steps; We disconnected the PlayStation 5 from the internet and Remove the CMOS battery and We started the console. The console started in safe mode and rebuilt the database.

PlayStation 5 CMOS battery

After completing this, the console restarted itself. We discovered that installed digital games did not work after the console was turned on. We were able to run PS4 boxed games on the disc version of the PlayStation 5, but we encountered a problem in one game in the test. Resident Evil 2 It worked without any problems. Mortal Kombat 11 every time the install 97 percentcrashed in. Spider-Man: Miles Morales has worked without any problems.

C-Bomb problem PlayStation 5It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for users with the disc version of. Because they will be able to continue playing games with boxes. If a digital PlayStation 5 owner takes their console to an area with no internet and is not aware that the CMOS battery is dead, it will not be able to run the games installed on their console.

It is stated that if Sony cannot solve the problem, the sales of the digital version of PlayStation 5 will be seriously affected.

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