30 July 2021
PUBG Mobile 2 release date has been announced

PUBG Mobile 2 release date has been announced

Having lost the title of the world’s most popular game on the mobile side for a while PUBG Mobile is having quiet days due to Tencent. The game, which is highly affected by the pressures and restrictions on Tencent, wants to get stronger with PUBG Mobile 2.

According to a Weibo post shared by PlayerIGN on Twitter, it suggests that PUBG Mobile 2 may launch next week.

PUBG Mobile 2 is coming soon

PUBG Mobile’s latest update in September brought a major overhaul to the game, along with the renewed Erangel 2.0 map. PUBG Mobile, which does not upset its players at this point, offered the innovations to the gamers with this version.

pubg mobile 2 version is coming

PlayerIGN Twitter accountshared that the new PUBG Mobile version could be released next week. It also turned out that the information contained in it was removed from Weibo in a short time.

The game will take place in the PUBG universe in 2051 and will have a futuristic aesthetic. There will also be a new map in the game.

According to some rumors, some PUBG Mobile improvements have also appeared. There will be drones and deployable shelters that will add a new dimension to the mechanics of Battle Royale games.

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