30 July 2021
PUBG Mobile 2's promotional trailer has been released

PUBG Mobile 2’s promotional trailer has been released

PUBG Mobile 2takes Battle Royale into the future. The new PUBG battle royale continues to move towards mobile platforms. PUBG Studios developed by PUBG: New Stateannounced with a short trailer this morning.

The new game offers a more futuristic look

The trailer features the furious gunfights, vehicle chases of PUBG players, and some things that may get mixed up and enjoy along the way. The first thing that is clarified about the new game with the trailer is definitely PUBG Mobile environment that its players are not used to at the moment.

While the environment is still a bit dirty, there is shiny new technology everywhere. Everything looks a bit more futuristic in the new game than in the current game.

PUBG: New State, in the near future 2051The subject is. With the new game scenario, it seems that there have been many changes in the world since the original PUBG Mobile.

The new game includes lots of areas to explore, as well as players, new vehicles, weapons and equipment TROI They will jump onto a huge new map called.

PUBG: New State, out of the environment into the PUBG Mobile series combat rolls, drones, a shield and fire mode selectors, or grenade launchers It also offers a few new features including new ways to customize your weapons.

PUBG: New State only It will be aimed at mobile devices, including Android and iOS tablets, phones, and 2021will be released in.

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