30 July 2021
PUBG: New State broke a pre-record!

PUBG: New State broke a pre-record!

PUBG: New State game company’s picture Twitter Since it was announced from their accounts, Google Play He received millions of pre-registrations in his store. While the game broke a record with 5 million pre-registrations last month, it has now broken its own record.

Most popular of all time battle royale one of his games PUBG Mobile’s new gamewas announced in February this year. Since that time Google Play StoreIt was accessible for pre-registrations in.

New State made history with 10 million pre-registrations

PUBG Mobile, on mobile platforms battle royale games ushered in a new era for Since its debut, it has garnered a large fan base globally within three years. In February, the developers shared their first look at the game as a sequel to PUBG. The game has been on Google Play by this time. 10 million pre-registrations exceeded the limit. The developers shared the record news with their followers on the game’s official Twitter account. Here is the post:

PUBG: New State trailer

PUBG: New State It is about the year 2051. Modern weapons and modern vehicles stand out in the game, which has the mechanics of standard battle royale games. The trailer released in February revealed many details about the game. Here is the promotional video of the production for those who have not watched it yet:

There is no release date for PUBG New State for now. However, the developers state that the expected game will be released later this year. The game is currently only available for pre-registration in the Play Store. Although the company says it will open pre-registrations for iOS, it has not done so yet.

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