14 April 2021
Qualcomm develops Switch-like game console

Qualcomm develops Switch-like game console

Qualcommspecial for Android phones and Nintendo Switch’e It turned out to be working on a game console with a similar design. High battery capacity, many inputs and outputs and mobile data It is stated that the game console, which stands out with its support, is no different from the smartphone. The game console that delights mobile players; In 2022 It is expected to go on sale in the first quarter.

Qualcomm enters the game console industry

Android Police’in According to the information provided by Qualcomm on the game console It is said to have removable controllers on both sides. It is stated that these controllers were designed and manufactured by an important name in the console industry. However, there is no clear information about who he is.

Although there is no image about the product according to the text of the report leaked the console has a strengthened design to smart phone looks like When we look at the battery performance, the larger than the 4310mAh battery capacity of the Nintendo Switch 6000 mAh It comes with a large battery capacity. Also in Qualcomm new device, fast charge will also add support.


Game console from Asus

As with Qualcomm’s Nintendo Switch; It is expected to allow it to be connected to an external display such as a monitor or TV. GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometer and to dual-zone speaker the device expected to have; There is no clear information about the types of entry and exit yet.

Qualcomm’s game console Android 12 and it will appear with Google applications. In addition, the device has not yet been released in addition to Qualcomm’s own content platform. Epic Games Store It has also been reported that it will have the application.

Nintendo Switch

In the leaked report, Qualcomm’s 300 dollars It is said to go on sale with a price tag. It is not clear yet which model is the price of the device, which is expected to come out with many options.

What do you think of Qualcomm’s new Nintendo Switch-style device? Can it compete against strong rivals? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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